Accredited under Salish Kootenai College
Mission Statement

To provide quality post-secondary education opportunities in alignment with traditional tribal values that allow tribal members to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve personal and professional goals enabling leadership and service to the community.

Vision Statement

The Spokane Tribal College is recognized as a catalyst for social and cultural transformation through American Indian Education.

Values Statement

The Spokane Tribal College values and upholds a commitment to individual and collective sovereignty rooted in the heart of traditional culture and respect for all life.

Core Themes

The following five themes collectively represent the essential elements of the SKC and STC Mission:

1. Provide Access to Higher Education for American Indians

2. Maintain Quality Education for Tribal and Non-Tribal Community and Workforce

3. Perpetuate the Cultures of The Spokane Tribal Citizens

4. Increase Individual and Community Capacity for Self Reliance and Sustainability

5. Establish and Maintain Community Relationships

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